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Blake Hamilton- Founder

Blake earned a B.S. (Forestry/Wildlife Management) from Mississippi State University.  He worked in the conservation business at Mossy Oak Corporate for 7 years. He achieved management experience there due to his unique perspective provided by his education and previous hands-on experience in wildlife management.  He aligned his vision for conservation with his eye for marketing/business development to create Nature’s Eye, which has grown into a nationally and globally recognized brand with multiple subsidiaries. He now shares that system with other businesses to help grow and share their stories.

Kim Ogden- Executive Media Director 

Kim earned a B.A. in Anthropology at Texas A&M University and a M.S. in Criminal Justice from the University of Cincinnati. She worked in law enforcement for four years before beginning a career in marketing and public relations.   She first served as the Assistant Director of Marketing at Woodland Heights Medical Center, then as the Public Relations Director and Event Planner at Brookshire Brothers Corp. She is now the owner of The Journey Magazine and Executive Media Director for

Nature’s Eye.

Emily Courtney-Content Media Manager

Emily earned a B.S. (Forestry/Wildlife Management) and a M.S. (Agribusiness Management) degree from Mississippi State University.  She nurtures her lifelong love of the outdoors through hunting, camping, hiking, and writing about her experiences, with over 40 publications to her credit.  She’s passionate about sharing the story of Nature’ s Eye through social media and blogs, and is eager to use her experience with content marketing to help other brands do the same.

Tasha Hamilton- Executive Assistant

Tasha earned a B.S. in Elementary Education with a minor in Technology from Mississippi State University. She uses her knowledge of web design coupled with her insight into the vision of the company to craft our online presence. She serves as the Executive Assistant/Technical Advisor for Nature’s Eye.